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Whether it be the icy waters of the Pacific Ocean, the salty air sweeping over Humboldt Bay, or the heavy fog resting in the local river valleys and logging camps, the landscape of Humboldt County is as diverse and robust as the people that inhabit it. Just as the tide rises and falls along the inner coast of Humboldt Bay, industries come and go, and the people of Humboldt County have always risen to the challenge of surviving through the ebb and flow of change. To prosper, as Humboldt County has, takes dedication and the satisfaction of a hard day’s work. Providing for your family is its own reward. This satisfaction is the result of no one singular trade – it’s a universal pride, a culture, a lifestyle.

This lifestyle choice is made when assessing the importance placed on quality of life and the environment, the same lifestyle that UpNorth embodies. We live, work, and create in the clean air, sprawling beaches, and pristine forests of Humboldt County, and we reflect on the close relationship we have with our natural environment.

Where the creeks first seep up from mountain springs, giving way to breathtaking rivers and majestic redwood forests, to where they finally pour their souls and stories into the mighty Pacific Ocean – this is the land we call Home. This is where we nurture our lifestyle, the lifestyle we choose, the lifestyle we protect.

The fear of losing it all – your way of life, your independence, your ability to provide for your family – is not exclusive to our early cannabis farming roots. The Native American tribes that originally settled on this land – the Yurok, Wiyot, Mattole, Chilula, and Eel River Athapaskan peoples – lived in harmony with this land long before various industries found their way here. No one people have experienced as great a loss of their heritage, land, and culture as that of Native Americans, and we reflect on this often.

Generations of hardworking, land loving people toiled tirelessly in the mills, family homesteads, milk barns, and damp decks of fishing boats throughout the North Coast, pushing back against the fear of a changing industrial landscape, and the realization that your way of life and connection to the planet is being threatened. Their sacrifices have laid the foundation for a way of life that we continue to uphold and maintain today, and our appreciation for it is embedded in our work.

“Out of the shadows and into the light” – a phrase that has gained traction over the last few years to describe the change in public opinion regarding the cannabis industry, and the growing emergence of it in popular culture. We reflect on our experiences during that time of shadows as the cannabis market teeters on the edge of a new frontier. UpNorth’s roots run deep, back to a time when the risk you ran was not just a simple fine or a laundry-list of boxes to check on a permit application. In the beginning, there was a culture of secrecy, spawned from the fear of helicopters flying overhead, landing on your property, and having law enforcement officers armed with automatic weapons chase you down in the forest; a time when eradication units hacked plants down with machetes while gardeners lay handcuffed on the ground. This was a time when growing just a few plants was enough to have your gate plowed down by law enforcement and have your house raided. Much of this pushed farmers indoors, to begin a new craft of Indoor Gardening. The sense of secrecy among the early Humboldt County Cannabis Pioneers was passed down from generation to generation, and allowed those who practiced it to survive.

The hills and valleys of Humboldt County have been worked tirelessly for generations now, beginning with members of the post-Vietnam counterculture that emerged in San Francisco and Southern California. These Cannabis Pioneers brought with them their understanding of nature, the need for clean air, open spaces, and a connection to the land and Herb they so lovingly curated and bred.

Although we spend incredible resources and time to source and maintain quality products worthy of being deemed “The Best Cannabis Products Anywhere”, we still find time to feed the soul. Some of us choose to climb craggy granite peaks and navigate the mountain wilderness; Some prefer to hear the southern winds whistling in their left ear while surfing big winter swells. Other’s attention to detail can be found in meticulously crafted, tiny succulent gardens. Each of us at UpNorth finds food for the soul from our environment in one way or another.

Whatever our friends and families engage in to feed their soul reflects in their pursuit of perfection here at UpNorth, and those passions and love are felt, respected, and encouraged.

Here at UpNorth, we hold a strong belief that Humboldt’s love and connection to the land is responsible for producing the highest quality Boutique Cannabis available on the planet. Whether or not you have had the opportunity to appreciate the Cannabis products from our region, we invite you to visit our beautiful home nestled among the redwood forests, rushing rivers, and pristine coastline of Humboldt County. The appreciation of the craft that has been perfected over generations is what makes UpNorth’s products stand out from the rest, and with this appreciation comes a unique and unparalleled grading and quality assurance system that ensures we provide the very best products that you can find anywhere. The words “Purveyors of the finest Cannabis” is taken so seriously here that it is ingrained in the very culture and lifestyle of everyone in the UpNorth family. When a product comes from UpNorth, you can count on that product being the very best version available anywhere, and that the most innovative and environmentally sound practices have been used. UpNorth is proud to be compliant with all laws, licenses, permits, and laboratory standards, and are proud to partner with producers who strive to push the envelope of perfection.