We work with the
best of the best.

We partner with top-shelf cannabis cultivators & extraction experts

Relationships that stand the test of time.

Through the careful curation of our partners, we aim to deliver the best products and promote the best cultivation practices anywhere. Unified firstly through a commitment to our communities and environment, every brand we represent shares in common a proven dedication to quality worthy of our namesake — quality that begins with love and ends with happy customers.

  • Flavor and Potency
  • Culture
  • Satire

Daze Off Logo
  • Potent
  • High Quality Indoor
  • Value

Finally, high quality indoor at a price accessible to all!

  • Animal Face
  • Holy Moly
  • Award Winning

Sonoma County-based cultivator and meticulous breeder of the most sought after cannabis in California, including many of its own award-winning original strains.

  • Terps
  • Shatter
  • Get Saucey

  • Red Congo
  • The City
  • Veteran Grown

Lifted Logo
  • Hash Infused
  • Family Farm
  • Cold Water

Valuing the land and the local community. Specializing in ice water hash.

  • Sun Grown
  • Small Batch
  • Single Source

Small-batch, sun-grown cannabis from a single-source family farm in Mendocino County. Emphasizing land stewardship and a consistently excellent product.

  • Boutique
  • Artistry
  • Indoor

Growing Boutique indoor in the heart of the Bay Area

UpNorth Logo
  • Smoke Legacy Cannabis
  • Never Compromise
  • Family

  • Clean
  • Balanced
  • Surf

Surfing’s premier cannabis company. Out of Monterey Bay, Wave Rider Nursery is headed by a father-son team focused on maintaining a generational legacy of clean, quality cannabis for a vibrant and balanced life.

Willow Creakside Farms Logo
  • Small Batch
  • Decades of Experience
  • Clean Green Certified

Grown in Humboldt respecting the culture and ethos that put it on the cannabis map.

  • Single Source Farm
  • Always Fresh
  • Approachable Price Point

High Totem is farmer owned and sun grown in Humboldt County. Offering the freshest high quality flower from seed to smoke. Grown with rich native soil and crystal clear mountain water. Our Grass is Greener.

  • Strain Creation
  • Seed Breeding
  • Clone Licensing

A world class seed company from the heartland of Cannabis, Humboldt County. Genetically stable feminized, regular and autoflowering seeds bred for farmers, gardeners and closet hobbyists alike. Humboldt Seed Company has been operating and producing cannabis seed in Humboldt County for over 20 years.